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Artist Call Out

Noizemaschin!! Perth

Noizemachin!! Perth is a monthly noise and experimental music concert held at The Artifactory Hackerspace, Osbourne Park.

Eight artists enter the space and perform short 10 minute sets across two halves, segueing seamlessly from artist to artist, creating a continuous musical experience.

We seek:
- Acoustic improvisation
- Electronic experimentation
- Laptop performance
- Fixed media
- Sound artists
- Leftfield rock and pop
- Video artists
- Contemporary dancers
- Any form of experimentation whatsoever!


Via the Facebook group or email.

Noizemaschin!! is currently curated by SKoT McDonald, Josten Myburgh, Steve Paraskos, Danus Yates, Nathan Thompson, Claire Pannell, Meg Travers, Andrew Nonlinearcircuits, and Rhys Channing.

Photo courtesy of Trilby Temperley. All Rights Reserved

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