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NoizeMaschin!! London

NoizeMaschin!! London is a monthly noise and experimental music concert held on the first Monday or Tuesday of the month at the Amersham Arms, New Cross. Eight artists enter the space and perform short 10 minute sets across two halves, segueing seamlessly from artist to artist, creating a continuous musical experience.

While we provide an outlet for noise artists, NoizeMaschin!! is much more than a noise gig. In fact, we aim for as diverse a program as possible. Electronic, acoustic, improv, fixed media, sound art, leftfield pop, rock or IDM… we don’t care what genre or style a performer associates with. At NoizeMaschin!!, we provide a space that encourages the artist to explore the negative space of noise within their own musical preferences.

NoizeMaschin!! London is currently curated by Sam Gillies and Daniel James Ross. Artists wanting to perform or contribute are invited with great enthusiasm to let us know via the Facebook group or email. More details available at our Artist Call Out and Upcoming Events pages.

Photo courtesy of Steven Cropper of All Rights Reserved

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